About TBC

Our use of the phrase Two Big Cats began in conversations with our friends beginning in late1997, after our second Maine Coon, Delilah, came to live with us.  We started using it in conversation because we would reference Pandora and / or Delilah and people would say, “What kind of cats are they?”… and then we’d have to repeat the details of what made Maine’s so special – extraordinary size, extraordinary appearance, affectionate personality, etc.  We finally tired of repeating Maine details and shortened it to “We’ve got Two Big Cats”, cite their size and leave it at that.

The website, TwoBigCats, was created in the early 2000’s and our blog was created in 2005 as an informal means of easily documenting the lives of our family and closest friends.  There were two primary purposes in doing this:  (1) To provide our children and grandchildren a means of reading about our lives as the adults we are, vs the parent / grandparent roles/ relationships they experience us, and (2) To provide our extended family and friends an informal means of keeping up with one another through photos and snippets we passed along.

As the years have gone by (5 years, 700 posts + hundreds of photos so far – who knew!), TBC has evolved in to what you see today… a site whose main purpose it to remind visitors to appreciate one another and the little things in their lives, then slow down a bit to smell the flowers and enjoy the journey.

Thanks for stopping by – we’re glad you’re here 🙂