Introducing Grayson!

After receiving 83 name submissions and test-driving we are very pleased to say that we have selected the name Grayson, submitted by our friend Suzanne Elliot. while we thought the name was a clever take on his color and family role, we chose Grayson because he physically responded to it the very first time that we used it in trying to catch his attention: as he was walking from us i said, “Grayson” and his ears went back as he stopped and sat down. ¬†We both said it again and he turned his head around to look at us — yep, Grayson it is!

And thx to Bette Lerol for submitting the name, “Bixby” … another catchy name that will more than likely be used when he gets a bit too mischievous … “Grayson Bixby you better stop that right this instant“.

I’ll post our “fun awards” certificates tomorrow … each of those have TBC goodies attached to them, too.

Thx to everyone who played along and helped us find the right name(s) … we had lots of fun and hope you did, too!