TBC Name That Kitty Contest FINALIST names

After gnashing our teeth, lips and gums through the 83 names (far more than we ever expected!)  that were submitted for our let’s-have-some-fun contest, we’ve finally gotten down to a list of finalist names for our new male kitten, CodeName: Dood. The finalists are (in submission sequence order):

* Bentley

* Jaspurr

* Grayson

* Bixby

* Winston

* Odie

* Moochie

* Paxton Quigley

* Chewy

* Tucker

If one of your submitted names doesn’t appear in this list, fear not: we’ve created a handful of let’s-have-some-more-fun kitten-naming awards and we’ll ship goodies to those folks, too.  We will post one award winner each day of the coming week and if your submissions don’t make that group, then it’s you-know-who’s fault and you know what to do & say: THANKS, OBAMA!

We will test drive the finalist names this week to see how they roll off our tongues / fit him and will announce his new name next weekend.

Our thanks to everyone who played along with us and submitted names — this was a LOT of fun for us at a time when, as it turns out, we needed a bit of extra friendship, goodwill and fun in our lives 🙂

All the best,

hal & joanne