Monthly Archives: May 2016

Remembering Cherry Berry

A note to commemorate the two year anniversary passing of Cherry Berry.  It’s difficult for me to imagine that it’s been two years since we last held her and said goodbye to her … in a way it seems like yesterday and yet it seems so far off in the distance.

In the time since her passing I’ve had a great deal of time to reflect on her many wonderful qualities, what she meant to us and the impact she had on our lives … and I stand by my feelings and emotions of the day: she was remarkable in many ways but most especially her closeness and loyalty to me, personally. Through each of my surgeries and recoveries she returned to my side and rarely left until if / when I let her know I was ok with being alone.

Here is a post I made not long after her passing.

As she was taking her last breaths I thanked her for her care and affection and that I would never forget her devotion; I mean that, still.

Every night when I went to bed she would come in, jump up on the bed, then on my chest to lean over and “kiss” me goodnight by rubbing her nose against my lips.  I would always thank her (“… that’s very kind of you”) and then I would say, “Luv you, CherBear”.

And I do luv her, still.