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Name That Kitten Pics

Here are 3 quick collages i threw together. the new name recipient, a young gray / white male code name DOOD is a charming, inquisitive, playful and talkative 5 month old. in one of the collages is his sister, Bridgette … another charmer.

PLEASE NOTE: we are only soliciting a name for the male as we like the name Bridgette for his sister.



IMG_3407 IMG_3406 IMG_3405

ANNOUNCING: Name That TwoBigCats Kitten Contest

Dear Friends of TwoBigCats,


We’d like your help in choosing a name for our new male kitten. Visit our contact page to submit your suggested name for a chance to win a TwoBigCats Goodie Pack


Just about five weeks ago our family was joined by two kittens … a very charming brother and sister.  As many people do, when the kittens came to live with us we tried using the names they’d been given when they were sheltered but, truth is, they just didn’t work for us … the names just didn’t “fit” them.

In fairly short order we selected a name for the female that fits her quite nicely — Bridgette! — but we are having a very challenging time picking a name for her brother and we clearly need an outsider’s perspective & help … so we’re holding a Name That TwoBigCats Kitten Contest   and we’d like you and your friends / family to suggest some names to us.  In return, the submitter of the chosen name will receive a TwoBigCats Goodie Pack filled with jams, jellies and honey from our trees and bees. (We hear from our friends around the planet that they LOVE our TBC goodies, so maybe you will, too. BTW, FYI & FWIW — everything we make we share on a friendship basis, we sell **nothing** and do not accept compensation in any way, shape or form for TBC Goodies.)

Tomorrow I’ll post a few pics of him along with some of his physical and personality characteristics and open the door for your suggested names for him. In the meantime, let’s just say he’s a warm, fun-loving, hair-on-fire kitten who is still a little bit shy but loves to snuggle … and EAT … OMG, CAN THIS GUY EAT!

In the meantime, entry submission guidelines are as follows

* The contest runs from september 26, 2014 – 11:50 PM october 4, 2014); we will select and announce his new name on wednesday, october 8, 2014.

* You may submit one name per day and your family / friends may submit names per the guidelines, too. (if you decide to tell others about the contest and they submit an entry, have them enter your name along with the suggested kitten name as we will award a Runner Up goodie pack, too … if your friend’s submission is chosen, you win, too. (if you are on FB, you may want to share this post to nudge them in the right direction 😉

* The first entry for a name is considered the only valid entry for that name; subsequent repeat entries will be discarded. (depending on volume of entries, i may / not notify repeat name submitters (?) of the elimination of their submission)

* Enter your submission by visiting the TBC contact page, completing and submitting the contact form. (PRIVACY NOTE: i will retain the information only as needed to select a name, then 100% of submission entries will be deleted from my system.)

* This is intended to be an informal and fun Friends of TwoBigCats “event” – there is no cash equivalent, no alternate prize, no nothing … nada, zip, zilch, zero … it’s something we’re doing to share with our friends the goodies we make from our fruit trees.

There are probably LOTS OF DISCLAIMERS and OTHER RULES / INFO i should be posting there, but this is the gist of it:

LET’S HAVE SOME FUN and name our newest TwoBigCat!

We look forward to receiving your entries 🙂

all the best,
hal & joanne

We are sad

We learned today that our good friend, Ellen, yesterday lost her companion cat, Gizmo.

Ellen and Gizmo had been together eighteen and a half years!

Giz had survived a number of not-insignificant illnesses these past few years and on the occasions that we visited with him / looked after him, he was always a sweetie … always.

We send our best TwoBigCats Good Vibes to Ellen and her household … and we’ll always fondly remember Giz sitting in the sunshine on the kitchen counter, waiting to be fed and then receive a head pat / massage.