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Catching up re CherryBerry life celebration

By the calendar it was a month today that we lost Cherry.  As you know, losing such a close creature family member is brutal … so we’re doing our best – and managing to a certain extent – to adjust to her absence.  Over the course of the past week I’ve spent several full+ days locating, rinsing through and selecting the photos and videos I want to include in a Life Celebration for her. And as much as I’ve LOVED seeing all the photos and videos (and remembering / savoring the moments when I took them) it’s been a far more emotionally draining than I was expecting … so the full celebration post / page will have to wait until I am able to complete it properly.

In the meantime, I’m readying a couple of videos that I’m sure you’ll love:

This first one is of Joanne giving Cherry a CatWash — Joanne’s name for a rough and tumble  body massage that Cherry absolutely loved receiving … in fact, she would approach Joanne at least once each day — often several times a day — asking for her CatWash.

Cherry CatWash video

This second video is very near and dear to me: It’s of Cherry asking me to tuck her in or take a nap with her.  Cherry usually went through this each day after lunch, a routine that started not long after she and Cal came to live here, when I was having a series of surgeries and using daily naps as recovery time; she also did this every.single.night. as a means of directing me to bed at 9PM.

Cherry: Please tuck me in to bed

We have soooo many wonderful things to show and tell you about Cherry, but life being what it is, it’ll take me a bit longer to make them available.

Cherry Carroll, one of the sweetest cat I’ve ever known 🙂


Thinking of Cherry

I’m slowly locating and selecting images and videos of CherryBerry to share with you; truth is, while i LOVE seeing them all … it’s still very painful to acknowledge she’s that she’s no longer here.


Here’s a pic I took of her “helping” me mow the lawn 🙂


Running a little late …

On providing a celebration post of Cherry’s life … but I have a good reason:

I took soooo many photos and videos of her these past four years that I’ve had to collect and organize them; next I need to decide which ones to post … so please bear with me 🙂

It’s been a week today since she passed and we miss her, terribly … the world just isn’t as brite’n’shiny as it was with her in it … her and that little “peep” when she talked with us.  And I’ve yet to take a nap on the bed since the day she passed … an afternoon nap on the bed was our special time just to be together. sigh.

Here are a couple of Cherry and Calvin pics to hold you over until her tribute is ready.