Monthly Archives: March 2014

Leaping lizards!


today while filling the watering pipe next to our young peach tree, looking inside i saw a lizard struggling to keep its head above water. YIKES! my hand was too big to fit inside so i tried using pieces of bark and a stick to give it something to hang on to so i could pull it out.

not happening.

so i ran across the yard and grabbed a long piece of plastic and by the time i looked in the pipe, the lizard was on top of the water, motionless and upside down.

i yelled outloud, “don’t do this … you can make it.” (yep, i actually did. too many episodes of baywatch, i guess. i never saw the show, but you get my drift 😉

anyway, i got the long plastic thingie under it, brought it out and laid it on the ground. no movement. so i held it up by it’s tail for a few moments and it came back to life and began moving ever so slightly. thinking the cold water may have slowed it a bit, i put it on my wrist and took this pic.

a few minutes later i placed it in an area with warm rocks and cover.

why go to all that trouble for a lizard, you ask? lizards are good for keeping insects under control; should this lizard prove to be a darwin candidate, then a bird will eat well for an afternoon 🙂