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We are very, very sad

In the week following Penny’s passing, we received a call from a good friend and former back-fence neighbor whom we had visited at home just two weeks before. After catching up on bike riding plans we had been making, he caught his breath, then told me their much-loved family golden, Sandy, had experienced a sudden medical event and did not survive.

When we saw Sandy just two weeks ago it was evident her years were catching up with her … she was, what? 10 … 11 years old? And Sandy was a BIG DOG who was probably 75+ lbs if she was an ounce. But when Sandy and I saw one another and I got down on the ground to hug her, the years simply evaporated … and there she was again, that beautiful, charming and lovable puppy who visited with Penny through the back fence … the same dog who could — and DID — bowl me over when she greeted me at the side door of their house … or, as the years went by, who just loved to nuzzle with me each time we saw one another.

As you might imagine, I was unsuccessful holding back the tears … it was just too much for me that in a single week’s time our two families had lost these longtime, beloved members of our packs; naturally, Joanne was crushed when she heard the news.

Although we are very sad about Sandy’s passing, we consider ourselves sooooooo fortunate to have known her as well as we did … she was 100% LOVE and is loved and sorely missed by all who knew her.

RIP Sandy

Life, huh?

In the 10 days since Penny passed, the house has been fairly low-key and quiet. It’s very clear that Pepper misses Penny a great deal … she spends almost 100% of her day on the couches in the den, sleeping. When Joanne comes home, she perks right up and reverts to normal behavior 🙂

But other things are going on, too … both Calvin and Cherry seem to understand that Penny is gone and that Pepper is greatly affected by her absence. We have noticed on several occasions that Calvin and Pepper will approach the other one and go nose-to-nose, seeming to communicate support; interestingly enough, it’s not unusual to find Calvin and Pepper to be laying on accompanying sofa cushions … not completely unlike how Pepper and Delilah would often share the couch. As for Cherry, she is a little more friendly and communicative with Pepper than she has been in the past, but it’s early days yet for Cherry and Pepper to become close friends.

As you can imagine, for us humans, it’s difficult to experience the house without Penny’s physical presence after so many years with her in our daily lives.

In sum, I would say that The Pack is re-forming, but it’s going to take a while for us all to adjust.

RIP Penny

We are very, very sad

Today we said our final, tearful farewell to Penny. Penny was 15 1/2 years old and was a much-loved member of our pack for the last 13 1/2 years. We will miss her loving and unique personality in our lives as well as for her fondness for Olivia and Owen, and our friends Al, Ellen, and — especially! — the manly love of her life, Rockstar Steve.

Penny will be missed by our entire household – and, especially, Joanne – her absence will likely be felt most deeply by her best friend and self-appointed protector, Pepper-Do-You-Want-Her?

As our longtime friends know, over the past few years Penny began experiencing a number of health issues that affected her considerably … so it’s with great pleasure that we share this incomplete gallery pictures of HennyPenny in action over the years.

We loved having Penny in our lives and will miss her, deeply.

RIP, Penny.