Monthly Archives: August 2012


Yesterday morning this creature bounded off the roof eave over my office and sat on the fence for about a minute … after that it moved to the tree branch and, by then, I’d grabbed my camera. Neat, eh?


Tangerine Marmalade

Yesterday Joanne harvested the remaining tangerines and made this small batch of tangerine marmalade. This batch has a very deep and rich flavor, which we attribute to this being a very late harvest of the tangerines, so much of the Spring moisture is no longer present in the fruit.


Weird Al ROCKS!

In addition to the Kinks, Queen and Neil Diamond 😉 , we’ve been very longtime Weird Al Yankovic fans. Thanks to our good friend, Matt, last night we attended Al’s concert and got to spend time with the band and Al after the show.

As always, Al and the band were great – they put on an UHmazing show – and we had a great time 🙂

Here’s a pic of Joanne and Al!