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TwoBigCats Honey Harvest

Thanks to Ellen for helping us harvest, spin and jar just over ELEVEN gallons of honey this weekend!

The names of the harvest batches are:

Hive #1 – London Calling, in honor of the 2012 Olympics that began that day.

Hive #2 – Northern Lights, after the luminescent yellow color of the honey from that hive only.

Hive #3 – La De Da, after the song by Ringo playing on the Bose as we were searching for a name with meaning. 😉

Capping’s – All Shook Up, because we placed all of the comb cappings from all the frames in a big bucket and let them drain. The caps produced just over 2 gallons of very nice, medium honey.



London Calling

Ellen, Joanne and I harvested hive #1 today. Instead of my usual scrape & strain method, I used a hand-crank, 4 frame extractor.

I pulled the frames, brought them in via cooler, then Ellen and I used the capping knife to uncap the comb. The frames went into the extractor and Joanne cranked / spun the honey for ~1 minute on each side. From there, the honey slid down the walls of the extractor and pooled in the bottom of the extractor.

Joanne then placed a pint jar in front of the drain / spigot, opened the valve and filled 32 pint jars. Using this method yielded just a bit over 4 gallons of honey, a significant increase over what the scraping method would have given us.

In honor of the Olympics, we’ve named this batch, London Calling.