Monthly Archives: June 2012

Whoa … that ‘s a BIG BIRD!

Calvin and I both watch the PBS special on crows last night. Calvin sat with undivided attention for about 15 minutes and watched this … at times he would hunker down as if to hide from them so they didn’t see him.


Hold my hand, please

Yesterday morning I woke up at about 3 o’clock. Sensing I wasn’t going to go back to sleep, I got up went out to the couch and turned on the TV … and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up about two hours later I discovered that Cherry had crawled up and lay down against my arm and placed her paws in my hand. Because my iPhone was nearby, I was able to quietly take this photo while she slept.


Plum harvest

The Santa Rosa plum tree is ripening fast so today we harvested about 20 pounds of fruit. Joanne took them to a charitable organization that feeds needy elderly people.