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Beek’s Log: 8/6/10

With all of the warm and good weather, there has been a great deal of activity in the hives lately, so I ambled out this afternoon to inspect and see what’s what.

Fuzzy has little honey in it’s honey box, but there are some frames drawn out in to comb and some small amounts of uncapped and capped honey.  The two broods are filled with honey / brood / pollen and appear to be doing well; I did note a few partial frames of capped honey in the upper brood but will let that remain through the fall harvest.

Freddie-Ray has *some* partially drawn out uncapped / capped frames in its honey super, and appears to have a fair store of capped honey in it’s upper brood. (I stayed out of the bottom brood in all hives today).  I likely won’t open FR until the fall harvest, either.

Now JimmyDale, well… that hive’s honey super has ~9 frames of beautifully capped, very light honey… ohhhh baby, come to daddy.  I’ll probably give them another week or two and then harvest those frames. I didn’t remove JD’s honey box to check on the brood supers, but I’m guessing they’re pretty full, too… I’ll check them when I harvest the honey box later this month.

I’ve begun using the dark honey that I harvested ~1 month ago and, boy, does it have a deep flavor… very different in flavor and texture / pourability than the light honey harvested just a month prior – just goes to show how the same bees / locale can produce such different honey.

That’s it for now – keep your eyes open for swarm activity… we’re beginning to head in that direction again.

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

I think this is my favorite pic of you over the past few years…And another one from last year…

Probably my all time favorite…

No, wait – THIS could be my favorite!

Of course, you may want to check back to see what other “favorites” I sneak in to this thread over the next few days 🙂

We enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to you today – and were VERY GLAD TO HEAR that our tradition of playing The Beatles “BIRTHDAY” at full volume to wake up the b’day person continues on.

We hope you’re having a great day and have a wonderful weekend, Liv!  Love you and see you soon.

GrandpaCat (and the rest of the TBC pack. shhhh… GrandmaCat’s napping 😉

Next week, TBC is moving back to…

After much consideration, we’ve decided to move TBC back to it’s original home on Google’s blogging system. As I explained in a recent post, the main reasons are cost (to host images, video and audio) and the analytics that allow us to know the country / details of our visitors. (Nope, we’re not interested in spying and we’re certainly not interested in running ads / revenue, but we **are** curious 🙂

I’ll bring the old site up to date over the weekend and on Monday, will post a final reminder link to our location.

I hope you’re enjoying the pics of The Calvinator and Cherry-Berry – I’ll post video of them next week so you can see and hear them in action.  (And I might just put something up of Penny and Pepper-Do-You-Want-Her?, too.)



Apple-Ginger jam is ready for labeling

Over the weekend, we (that’s the royal we, ’cause I only peeled a two quart mixing bowl full) processed apples and plums.  OK, Joanne really did it all.

And after peeling the apples, she spent the next 7 – that’s SEVEN – hours prepping ginger, processing, then cooking, then jarring 2.5 cases of her very-much-in-demand Apple-Ginger jam for TBC holiday baskets.  (You who receive them are very, very fortunate – you know what I’m talking about…)

Anyway, the flavor is great and the jars are now ready for labeling, so when they’re all bright’n’shiny, I’ll post a pic up here for you… but DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT ASKING FOR IT BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS, ’cause it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

Well, hello sleepy head…

Yesterday I was busy doing tons of Monday chores, but after they each ate a bowl of albacore for lunch, I watched Calvin climb his way up the tall tower and begin to take a nap.

An hour later, I walked by and he began rousing himself for what he usually turns in to a game of “Bird” (catching the bird-like toy @ the end of an extension / string).  I went in to our suite, then out back through the sunroom and found him sitting upright, eyes closed… apparently still asleep.  I grabbed my camera and, voila!

Next, I stepped back and took this…

Demonstrating, once again, that Calvin can – and will – sleep any where, any time!

The Calvinator is our main man!

Happy Birthday, Delilah!

Dee would have been 13 today and, truth be told, we miss her – and her Catitude – a great deal.  But as with all things in life, time and events have begun healing our hearts and when we speak of Dee now, there is more laughter than tears in our voices.

Here’s a link to last year’s B’day post with some pics of her that I put on our former blog site.

Luv you, Dee.