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Memorial Day 2010

A very quick note to pay respects to those who have given their lives in service to our country since its inception.

To their relatives and friends we say, “They did not die in vain and they are not forgotten.”

Sunday, Memorial Day weekend…

And it’s a lovely day here. At 5PM it’s ~81F, light humidity and 5-15mph breezes… it’s just about perfect. “Just about” because I’ve just completed my initial steps of exporting the TBC blog to a word doc that I’ll then massage in to the hard cover version of the journal of our activities that I’ve intended it to be.

Update: We had a lovely dinner this evening with Ellen, Al, Maureen and Jules @ Ellen’s place – thx, Ellen! Great to see Simon settling in and becoming so social 🙂

Kittens under the porch!

The story begins here…

Followed by the first night report as a rescue-dood.

Dang, they might be staying with us!!!

Kittens like formula!

C’mon – you know they’re cute!

The kitten’s mother last December, just outside my office window.

The Pack feeds on fresh kill… grrrr.

Friday night ramblings of a first-time cat rescue dood.

Mother and Child Reunion

Our thanks to each of you animal rescue people!

Mom-cat update: Spayed and Rehomed

Kittens and Mom-cat update (Includes a cute kitty pic!)

Fresh honey harvest Trinity’s 3 Amigos

Over the past few days, I’ve put out a bit of food where I found and released Mom-cat. I put it out during the day and bring in an empty dish in the early evening… since the food is disappearing, I’m hopeful she’s the one who is eating it.

What a great adventure it was finding, rescuing and getting the kittens to a good foster home, and also capturing / spaying Mom-cat and returning her to the property. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for her and let you know if / when I see her again.


Welcome Homeless Cat Network people…

I am doing a bit of maintenance on the blog and noticed the many visits from up and down the peninsula today. Glad you’re visiting and I hope the photos of Calvin and Cherry serve as a reminder (and encouragement to continue) of the good work you folks do in working to save / connects homeless cats and their caretakers-to-be.

Calvin and Cherry are settling in nicely and seem to be feeling as though they’re home. Good thing, too, because (as I tell them daily) we’re glad they’re with us 🙂

They’re both eating well and have acclimated to the house nicely. They’re both social with our friends and neighbors… in fact, when someone comes to the door, I have to keep an eye out for Calvin because he’s usually nearby and waiting to greet them with head butts and fanny/tail rubs. Everybody loves Calvin’s upfront and in-your-face friendliness, and everyone loves how sweet and friendly Cherry is with them… she’s quite a love.

That’s it for today!

Two Maines on a rug…

The other day as I was reviewing pics we’ve taken over the years, I came across these two… of Pandora and Cherry in the sunroom looking up at me with all the love you can imagine.

This pic of Pan was taken one day after I’d been playing guitar for a while. It was pretty normal for Pan to come in to wherever there was fresh music being played… she seemed to enjoy the activity level and just being with people.

I remember as I was readying to take this pic, she was turned slightly away from me so I said to her, “You know I love you, CatGirl”… and she turned back for me to take this lovely pic. What a creature was Pandora.

And this was Cherry about a week after she came to live with us. She had been out and about, exploring the house and found herself in the sunroom, just outside my office. She chirped / squeaked (it sounded like, “Little help out here, I think I’m lost.”)so I grabbed my camera on the way out to see her and this is what I found looking up at me:

Pocketful of Love…

That’s what Cherry is… she’s just a little pocketful of love.

As best I can tell, Cherry is 100% pure Maine Coon. Beautiful coat, a Maine Coon “chirp” instead of meow – unless she’s under duress… and an uh-mazingly sweet disposition… very, very much like Pan.

But, unlike Dee and Pan (who were 3′ 6″ long and – in their day – weighed 19-20 lbs), Cherry is just over 3′ long and I’m betting right now weighs about 13.5 – 14 lbs – entirely “normal” weight for a female Maine. (Pan and Dee came from huge stock and we fed them as much as they wanted to eat from Day One, so they had excellent nutrition and calories available for growth.)

Here are a few pics of her we’ve taken around the house… enjoy 🙂 (REMEMBER TO CLICK THE PICS TO SEE LARGER, FULL DETAILS)

Lots of pics posting later today…

Sorry for the delay… real life has intervened and I’ve been sorting through things a bit.

BUT I do have scads of pics to post later today… Calvin, Cherry, about-to-fledge baby doves, growing corn (Hey – do we live exciting lives or what? 🙂

You’ll like the pics – check in >4pm PST if you’re interested.


(Today marks the two-month anniversary of Pan’s passing. We miss her more than words can express and we are deeply appreciative and grateful for the many years of love and companionship we shared with her. sigh.)

Lots going on…

Please Stand By

Do Not Adjust Your Television Set

We Will Return To Our Regular Programming Tomorrow

I know what you’re thinking…

There’s been lots going on the past few weeks and sometimes ya just gotta

I’m stepping back from the TBC keyboard for a few days to rinse & organize some pics & threads I’ve got in process.

Enjoy your Friday and week-end, see you NLT Monday.