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Dear Homeless Cat Network People :)


I am Hal (GrandpaCat) and I’m the person taking the pics and posting on TBC.

First, thanks sooooooooo much for being there to help creatures like our new family members, Calvin and Cherry. Second, Calvin and Cherry are doing GREAT (!) and I’ve got the pictures to prove it… and there’s the rub: I’ve been so busy doing things such as spending time with them, roaming around the house, taking their pictures as they roam and, truthfully, giving Cherry plenty of SnuggleBunny time (she’s somewhat shy so needs to be coaxed out for one-on-one time) that I haven’t really had time to offload, label and sequence the new pics – BUT I WILL (!) so bear with me.

A mid-afternoon update: They’re both doing very well… settling in nicely. They’ve had two sets of visitors stop by the house: a female neighbor / close friend of the family (who has 2 cats and a dog) – Calvin and Cherry LOVED ELLEN and she thought they were wunderful 😉 The other visitor was our multi-decade friend and former neighbor, Springfield Al. Calvin LOVED AL and was all over him – lots of head-butting and wrapping around his legs, but Al was apparently too loud for Cherry so it took me some coaxing with a toy to get her to come out from under the bed and visit… but she did. Naturally, Al loved them both.

(Oh, ok, since I’m writing: Early this morning we closed the glass door that separates the kitchen / back half of the house from the foyer / front half of the house, and opened up the suite for Cherry and Calvin so they could explore if they wished. Cherry pretty much limited her travels to the kitchen and her suite, while Calvin was everywhere in the back half of the place… in my office, up in the window, on my desk… even took a nap next to my keyboard while I worked. He LOVED watching “The Bird Show” from the french doors in our bedroom suite and the sunroom area… he loved it. Later on, I put the dogs outside and closed the door to the backyard (where the dogs were) and opened up the house for Calvin to explore… he loved it!

So, they’re both doing very well and I’ll post more pics over the next day or two so you can see what Judy and Sandy look like 🙂 and also see how Calvin and Cherry are doing in their new home.

So, HCN People: Please stand by (and do check back in NLT Sunday night).

A few more pics of our new arrivals…

Cherry and GrandmaCat

Calvin, Cherry and GrandmaCat

Post-tuna doze

I took this just a few minutes ago after they’d each had a couple of tablespoons of Costco albacore for dinner. After I put their tuna out for them, I left the room and came back 15 minutes later to find them both perched up high and sound asleep. They will get a bit more before I head off to bed later.

They seem to be doing very well so far. Cherry is a bit more antsy than Calvin is… but she’s also more responsive when we call her name and pat the bed to come visit with us; Calvin is warm and friendly, but he’s hanging back a bit more.

Whatever works for them, works for us.

I’ll post more over the next day or two… I feel a light snooze on the couch coming on just now 🙂

It’s our pleasure to introduce…

(remember to click the pic – these are beautiful creatures and the detailed pics are pretty nice.)




Here’s Cherry sitting with me on the bed. Displayed on the TV behind her is what she wanted done with her “Return this cat to the rescue center.” bus ticket she was given. 😉

As you can see from these pics, they’re in a private room of their own with lots of climbing / hiding places, have been eating and, um, doing “natural” things right on schedule. They’re both very curious about what’s outside the door of their room, so later this evening I’ll likely open their bedroom door to let them cruise through the foyer and bathroom of that suite area. They’re settling in very nicely.

(I’ll write and post the details about them and how they BOTH came to be with us later this evening.)

Fresh flowers, anyone?

From the front gardens just this morning, and remember to click the pic for the full details:

This rose bush had 4 or 5 large flowers on it. How large, you say? The largest one (Joanne took it to work to enjoy while away) was ~5″ wide… a nice, big red rose.

Pep’s surgery went well and she’s doing great!

Thank you very much 🙂

Pep went in to Kirkwood Animal and Dr. Ueno’s on Friday morning and had two fatty cysts removed from her chest & belly. One was under a muscle, so removing that resulted in a painful area / suture. Pep was pretty near comatose and very sensitive on Friday night, yesterday was out and about a bit and today is racked out on “their” couch in the den. She seems to be doing well and we are very relieved the cysts were not the worrying kind.