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So much going on…

I’ve gotta say, it’s another beautiful day outside… so nice that I went out to take a few snapshots of the backyard trees and our lovely Daphne.

Partly Cloudy

Feels Like: 72°
Barometer: 30.13 in and falling
Humidity: 41%
Visibility: 10 mi
Dewpoint: 47°
Wind: NNW 13 mph
Sunrise: 7:04 am
Sunset: 7:24 pm

As you can see, the Cherry tree is in full bloom (and going to leaves as we speak) and produces the most beautiful and delicate fragrance that quite literally floats around the backyard. The Wisteria on the end of the desk is in full bloom – and fragrance – too – so between the Cherry & Wisteria scents, the backyard is a very nice place to be lately. Although the pond’s looking pretty rangy, the lavender next to it (and the Pear) tree are as beautiful as they ever were. (Did I mention our artichoke plants are on a tear – we appear to have some newly formed baby artichoke plants so it could be another good crop this year.

Lots of early-Spring house & garden work went on this past weekend. Yards mowed, weeds weeded, new color plants potted and placed around the deck / patio. Lots of “hey baby” bird action goin’ on, too – doves, a pair of hawks thermaling overhead several times this weekend, Canada Geese flying overhead now – moving between the Bay ponds and Vasona / our percolation ponds. We’ve even had a breeding pair of Mallard’s hanging out @ Brady’s (I hear his snail selection is the best in town! 😉

Yesterday I put 3 gallons of limoncello, 1 gal of cherry, 1 gal of pear, 2 gal of tangerine and 1 gal of pomegranate to syrup – You’d think we were drinkers! Anyway, if you’re by the house and want a sample or to take some with you, you’re welcome to everything but the cherry and pear. (If that stuff turns out crummy, you’re welcome to all you can carry 😉

Joanne’s hard @ work (on “work”) as well as CCG business and preparing for the upcoming Santa Clara Valley WoodCarver’s Guild Annual Show – Saturday, April 5 & 6th at Prospect.

Looks like we’ll be having a backyard bbq and, ahem, concert on Memorial Day Sunday… Paul, Steve and I have been working on our basic guitar work, so Charlie (keyboards, guitar, bass and anything else we need), Matt (bass, guitar & vocals) and Bryan (drums) will be, uh, entertaining our family and close friends in between bbq ribs’n’chicken. To make sure we’re all entertained properly, vocals will be supplied by members of the audience and selected musicians. (Matt assures us wanna-be guitar players that it doesn’t matter too much how well / poorly we play, ’cause he’ll keep our amps turned down 😉

Pardon the pun, but… stay tuned for more details.

Enjoy the pics and until next time, thanks for stopping by and be well 🙂

Spring is in the air!

Greetings to you, wherever you may be! (Well aren’t I the chipper one today? 😉

It’s a gorgeous day outside today – not a cloud in the sky – and the property is alive with fresh blooms of (it seems) nearly everything. The Jasmine outside my office window is blooming – it looks and smells wonderful! Out front in the citrus orchard, the Lilac has opened its first blossoms and it, too, looks and smells great! (wow, 4 sentences and 3 !’s already… where’s a qualified editor when you need one?) Several of the citrus have ready-to-burst blossom buds, to it’s time to get the remaining fruit off the trees.

Can you say, “more limoncello, please, sir?” (I thought you could 🙂

Many of the backyard trees have already blossomed and moved on to pre-fruit stage (plums, almonds, apricots), and now the cherry, pear and wisteria are in full bloom and the apple and quince look like they’re about to break out in to song, too – woo hoo, this could be another good year for fruit. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the fig was coming to life… it’s really filling out with leaves now, as is the pomegranate.

Even the doves are doing their “hey baby” thing on the latticework fence outside my office (hey you two, get a room!), so it’s official:

Spring is here.

I’ve got more to write (newsflash) so will make time to do it over the next few days.

Until then, Happy Easter, be well and don’t forget to write when you get work.


Ah, the gardens are alive with blossoms!!

Hello again,

My apologies for the delay in posting, but it’s been a very busy few weeks.

Joanne’s been putting in an awful lot of hours on work & carving projects and I’ve been head-down on producing and releasing new material for Sales Is Not Rocket Science. According to the numbers I’m seeing on the backside of the book’s website, it looks like there have been nearly 7,000 downloads of various materials, with a big push over the past 6 weeks as I’ve released new materials. (If you’re inclined, you can view what I’ve released at; I’m not offended if you don’t 🙂

I’m happy to report that all of the household critters are well and healthy and, as noted above, the gardens and trees are alive with blossoms. The plum(s), almond and apricot blossoms have all come and gone, replaced by leaves. The pear and cherry are now starting to blossom; the fig tree is showing the first of its ’08 leaves and the Pink Jasmine outside my office window has blossoms, too, so as soon as the yucky weather passes, I’ll open the window and let the fragrance in.

Sorry to say my brain’s been overloaded for the past 2 months or so, so I haven’t done any work on the Legend… that’ll have to wait until I release the remainder of SINRS.

I hope this finds you well and, until next time, be well.