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So, what’s GNU with you?

Thought it was time to update a bit…

What great weather we had last week – beautiful sunshine, clear skies and fresh air… temps were nice, too. Now we’re back to cold & rain… both just came in and weather forecaster / jokester’s say it’s staying for a week or so.


Something I’ve noticed around the house the past week (or so) is the great number of birds in the neighborhood – especially Robins. Looking out our windows, I can easily count a couple of hundred Robins on our property. They appear to be feeding on the berries on the bushes and trees and at times, they literally swarm the air. As I recall, the same thing happened last year, though i don’t recall it being with the large numbers we’re seeing this year.

TBC send out internet-based Chicken Soup and good vibes to Mike and Mimi, both of whom appear to have picked up the yucky flu-cold-bronchitis thing making the rounds this year. Joanne had it – doesn’t seem to be entirely clear of it yet – as have many of her co-workers & friends. So, if your laptops are leaking Chicken Soup, M&M, it’s from us 🙂

Joanne’s just completed a 3 day carving class on a very special work… hopefully we’ll get some pics up here someday.

Last Thursday I released some new book material at and it’s been downloaded a fair bit since then… not a bad thing 🙂

And finally, yesterday marked the 3 year anniversary of the passing of a dear friend to many of us. We all miss her and want her family to know we frequently think of them and the times we all shared.

That’s it for now. Thanks for visiting, write when you get work and until next time, be well.


Doc (B)Ueno says…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written much (of course, a very long time since I’ve written anything worth much, but that’s another thread, right? 😉 so I thought I’d bring you up to speed on some things around the ranch.

Pan was looking a little peaked the past couple of days so I made arrangements to visit Dr. Ueno for x-rays and a check up. Pan and I were in the exam room when Dr. Ueno walked in and began asking questions. When he reached for the back-end thermometer, Pan started to back away from him and into my arms. So I said to her, “Hey, look… I paid for the visit so you’re the one getting the thermometer… the first time you pay, I’ll take the thermometer.”

That didn’t do much to make her feel better. In fact, I’m sure I heard her thinking, “Hey Doc, your mom know what you do for a living cause this ain’t right.”

Anway, 20 minutes later with the x-rays in hand, Dr. Ueno says she’s doing great. Gained a half pound, no hair material in her stomach and all the part appear to be in good operating condition.

Lets all raise a thimble full of mineral oil and drink to Pan’s continued good health 🙂

Over the past few months I’ve been working on completing my sales-management book for Emerging software companies. After having written ~500 pages of material, I finally got to the point where I decided to split the book into two versions: a free eBook that contains a lot of “core” material and a paid Workbook version that includes much of what I’ve written, the processes and tools I’ve created and used to grow sales so quickly over the years at each of the software companies I’ve been a part of. If you’re interested, you can visit the download site and party on, wayne: The free stuff will go up over the next week and the paid version will come online sometime in March.

As I write this, the weather’s great and there are lots of blossoms getting ready to open all ’round the property: almond, plums, lilac, apple and, i bet if i look carefully, the cherry, apricot and pear are close, too.

That’s it for now, thanks for visiting and write when you get work.


Thinking of moving to Lake Tahoe?

Well, think again, chickenlips.

Here’s Claire trying to make her way through the snow. (I’ll keep the cheap 3-legged-dog comments to myself, but if you know me, then you know they’re coming fast and, uh, cheesy 😉 Rock on, Claire-voyant!

Here’s Mike in the tunnel he’s shoveled to their front door – you go, Mike! (Anybody else getting the idea that Mike’s turned into a mountain man? Someday soon we’ll see Mike in a beer commercial, driving a team of Clydesdale’s… or a Porsche, not sure which at the moment 🙂

Way cool, mountain people!