Monthly Archives: April 2006


Orange Marmalade just got canned!

Second Harvest foods just finished harvesting our citrus trees. A wonderful group of high school kids picked approximately 980 pounds of citrus for this cause.

With what’s left from the picking, GrandmaCat made orange marmalade. Since she likes thick marmalades, these batches are super chunky (lots of peel). She is always so conscious of caleries, she tried to reduce the sugar as much as possible. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your taste buds, the first batch is tart. GrandpaCat’s face puckered up when he tried it. Martha, a friend of the family said it was quite good. So GrandmaCat isn’t going to recook the batch.

The second two batches came out sweeter but with a nice bite to it.


Tangerine Marmalade was produced in February of this year.

This is the first year for this marmalade as the tangerine tree is only three feet high and hasn’t produced enough fruit till now…

But, oh what a batch. GrandpaCat says it’s the best he has ever tasted.

There are two different kinds – one with spiced cherries and one without.