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Aptera electric car update…


Not sure if you’ve seen this video, but thought it provided a convenient means to mention that Aptera’s just received $24M in funding. We hear they’re expecting to begin production release of the Type-1 (pure electric) cars in December of this year… which probably means Q1 of next year 🙂 Based on their press release, they’ve got orders for >3,000 of them and we’re #475, so I’m betting we’ll see ours sometime mid-year next, 2009.

Looks like the car is currently “supposed” to get ~120 miles from a single charge and that charge should cost ~$3 based on today’s PGE rates. Those figures are even better than I originally believed… how shocking 😉

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btw, Pan’s doing much – much(!) – better… she’s getting some of the spring in her step back again.