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Coming back to life…

A week home and I’m feelin’ pretty good, thanks for asking.

Visited the surgeon on Tuesday and had the staples removed… now my gut looks like either railroad tracks winding their way through the mountains or Frankenstein’s neck / head area – your call.

All systems are normal and I’m groovin’ along pretty well, though there seems to be a conspiracy by the Doc and Joanne to keep me from using my Dyson
I know Incline Mike is feeling my pain on this one 🙂

Miscellaneous updates:

Figs are ripening at a prodigious rate… Joanne’s been processing by the bucket lately and made 3 cases of jam on Monday night. She harvested the Pears while I was in the hospital and will use some of them in various jams / fruitneys over the next few days.

Last night I put ~20 pears to two gallons of 80 Proof Vodka and tucked them away – those will be ready for syrup (by my standards) in the Spring. Come holiday season this year, if you’re local you’ll likely see a variety pack of liqueurs… I’ve got ~7-8 gallons in syrup that will be ready to go – I need some cupboard space back.

Request for your assistance:
As a result of my surgery / recovery, I am unable to climb the pomegranate trees I usually harvest. I have a work around (long harvesting pole) but I’m not sure how using it will impact me… if you’re reading this and have some time to lend a hand, I’d appreciate your backing me up for a few hours so we can get the juice to make your goodies. No juice, no goodies.

We’ve got a handful of Quinces (our first harvest after 3 years of growing the tree) and will likely make jelly from those. Lots of tomatoes and lettuce coming in now but, alas, as noted earlier – no honey from our lazy bees.

All of the an-gi-muls are doing well: Dee loves the carpeted areas of the kitchen but still struggles with footing on non-carpeted areas… likely we’ll carpet the remaining areas for Dee’s sake. Pan seems to be completely recovered from her surgeries, gaining weight and returning to normal. Knothead and Penny remain unchanged.

I’ll post some new photos in a few moments. Until then, as always, thanks for visiting, be well and write when you get work.