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We’ve paid for another wing of the Vet’s facilities…

(Just kidding 🙂

About 10 days ago Pan began to act a little unsettled… which, by now, we’ve come to notice means there’s something going on with her that we need to figure out sooner rather than later. After waiting for her to settle down, I took her to Dr. Ueno for an exam. Turns out she had another massive hairball in her gut. Doc said to give her petromalt / mineral oil and see how things turned out.

Sigh. Another week of doody-watching 🙁 (Point of reference: Bee keeping’s not much better – the little ba$tards sting you!)

Anyway, no improvement in behavior and her eating was slacking off, so we headed back on Wed for another exam / xray. Hairball still there and needed to come out via surgery. Poor Pan – she’s already had 4 of these surgeries, 2 knee surgeries and thyroid cancer / treatment. Doc U said he thought she’d do great because she’s so (otherwise) healthy and strong – weight was back up to 18 lbs… and no fat on her.

Yesterday morning I took her in early and dropped her off. One unhappy cat, I’ll tell ya. And just before taking her in, Joanne discovered Penny had chewed a hole in her fur/scalp on her back – she and Pep have been chewing / licking a lot lately. So after dropping off Pan, I came home, loaded up Penny and took her to see Doc U. Turns out it’s fleas – and Penny’s very allergic to them. Another coupla hundred dollars worth of meds and we were outta there.

I picked Pan up @ 5:15 – still under the effects of anasthesia – and brought her home in her basket. Ended up putting her on the guest bed / fluffy comforter to let her sleep. Spent the night with her, locating her at various times in a closet and then under Joanne’s desk. She was a little brighter when I got up this morning, so I put her on her couch / blankie to sleep… where she still remains, sound asleep.

My sense is this surgery is taking it out of her and will take her extra time to recover from… so to reduce / eliminate the chances of this happening agian, it’s heavily clipped kitty from now on. Period. Overnout.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for visiting, be well until next time and don’t forget to write when you get work.

Oh, and… Happy Mother’s Day!

Pandora dodges a bullet…

Sometime in the week that Delilah became ill, I discovered a growth on Pandora’s left front paw… on the top between two toes. Although it was fairly large, it wasn’t sensitive to the touch nor was it discolored in any way – just a very pretty pink color. Given those things and because Delilah’s care was both time consuming and nerve racking, I felt I wasn’t up for taking Pandora in for a diagnosis and would handle it when Dee was recovered.

Given the circumstances, I took Pan to Dr. Ueno last week so he could check her out. He removed the growth, took a biopsy and I brought Pan home that afternoon. He called yesterday (Sunday) afternoon to let me know the growth was benign and she was in no danger; apparently the growth is sweat gland related and not uncommon.

Phew… and I mean, with tears in my eyes, Phew!