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Three of my all time favorite gals…

Here are sis, Pan and Daphne on the couch – all asleep – the day after Christmas, 1996.

In this picture, Pan is just 6 months old and I think Daphne is maybe 8 years or so (I’ll have to check my records).  Until seeing this picture, I had forgotten how close Daph and Pan were, though I do remember how Pan seemed to search our new house (this one) in the weeks following Daphne’s sudden and unexpected passing.

Dog Is My CoPilot

I came across this photo while sorting through our albums looking for pics of Dee.

This is our Daphne at the wheel of our motorhome in front of our old house… likely taken in the Fall of ’91. At that point, Daphne would have been about 4 years old. Notice what appears to be a smile on her face – man, that was Daphne in spades… one of the happiest and friendliest dogs I’ve ever known.

As I’ve said before, Daphne was a wonderful, wonderful dog… she had a loving personality, was lots of fun with the entire family, loved to chase squirrels in our backyard at our old house. Daphne loved everyone in our family – kids, cats and “parents” – and wasn’t above getting in our faces to let us know it when she felt the need. (Btw, she also loved apple cores and tuna juice 🙂 Daph loved to visit with our neighbors and friends when we were out and about… and she traveled with us in the motorhome on more than one occasion – a wonderful gal.

When I first walked through the backyard of our current house, I remember saying outloud, “Man, Daphne’s gonna love this backyard for chasing squirrels.”

Sadly, Daphne passed away not long after we moved in. So when we acquired this beautiful and peaceful statue from the DeYoung Museum back in ’01, it was quite natural to name her, Daphne, after our wonderful family member, Daphne. As I write this, it occurs to me that whenever I pass close to Daphne, I reach over to give her a little pat and say “hello”; oft-times when we’re working out back near Daphne, we’ll talk about her “back in the day” and how we remember her.

We miss her but have wonderfully fond memories of our lives together.