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Molly, is that you in LA?

A few month’s ago I visited Owe, Liv and Chrissy in LA while I was attending a music industry convention. We had a nice time visiting, going out to dinner, etc… but we also had a nice time watching their Hummingbirds. (Their birds appear to be Anna’s, also, but I can’t confirm that as fact.)

It seems I mentioned to Chrissy that I was a bit envious of their Molly-traffic and wished we had more Molly’s around our place. I guess Owe learned of the conversation and sent me the following pictures with a suggestion to buy the same type of feeder as the birds were really active with it. (Coincidentally, Bill & Francesca and Los Gatos Steve have the same feeder and theirs are always busy, too.) Us? We’ve got a very nice, artsy-fartsy handblown glass feeder. Boy is it pretty to humans… but it appears to be butt-ugly to our Molly’s. Guess it’s time for me to buy a handful of the type Owe, Bill and Steve use and get on with things, eh?

Enjoy the pics Owe sent, I can practically hear the little one’s singing:

As territorial as Hummingbirds can be, it’s interesting to see them feeding two at a time.

Nice solo silhouette shot.

Last call for chow hall!

Thanks to Owe for the pics, Thanks to you for visiting and don’t forget to write when you get work.

Molly, is that you?

As some of you know, we have a number of Anna’s Hummingbirds around our property. In fact, they’re all over Campbell. Over the years, I’ve found the Hummers to be reasonably friendly… or at least, they appear to be friendly in that they’ll come right down to me and buzz around my head, sometimes close enough to feel the wind from their wings. Heck, anybody that gets that close I need to know by name, so all of “our” Hummingbirds are known (to me, anyway) as Molly.

I have more to say about “Molly’s” but am pressed for time right now, so I’ll just leave you with this link to a Hummingbird nest with two babies in it.

The babies have fledged and you can see a photographic history of them and their mom right here