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Hello Tommy (!) and lots to report :)

Joanne and I heard from one of our former neighbors, Tommy, a kid that Owen grew up with and pal-ed around with for all of our time over on Springfield. It’d been, what… 4 years since we last talked with Tom… it was when Tom and his bride were married, I think.

Turns out that Tommy and his wife (Renell – spelling?) have gotten their AA’s in a legal-related field and their both focused on finishing their BA’s, then hope to earn their JD’s. In the meantime, they’re in the music-production business down in Hollywood, doing their best – and succeeding, it seems – in placing music in TV shows and films.

Tom and Owen were very close in their middle-school / early high school years (before Owen moved back to LA) – there are darn few photos of Owen around our house that don’t have Tommy in the frame… darn few.

We love Tom like a son and are very pleased to hear life is treating him (and his bride) well and they’re loving life.

On to other news… my calendar’s been a little pinched with paid-activities lately, but we did manage to extract ~4 gallons of honey over the weekend. We’re in the final stages of jarring that (tonight, I think) and so I hope to have a write up and photos for you over the next few days. (Oh, and, it looks like I’ll be adding a 2nd hive next month… and neighbors have already begun signing up for their own “co-op” share of the hive / honey. You go, modern CampbellFarmer-guy 😉

That’s about it for now, I think. Thx for visiting and don’t forget to write when you get work 🙂