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So this is how I roll these days…

My Old Guy Ride.

I’ve recently refurbished my 1992 Bridgestone RBT… an apparently legendary Touring Bicycle I bought new in ’92. Before beginning the project, the bike had ~20k miles on it and appeared to be on its last legs. Turns out that was not the case.

And while the frame and major drivetrain components are original (bar-end shifters, front and rear derailleurs, brake levers) my RBT now has 2 coats of powdercoating, moustache bars w/leather wrap, Phil Wood bottom bracket, Chris King headset, Brooks B67 saddle and Nitto Chromoly rear rack. The Honjo hammered fenders, air horn and iHome sound system will likely be installed over Thanksgiving.

This thing rides like “butta” and is great for tooling around town or taking a ride down the Coast – next summer’s “personal event” goal. (Summer ’09 marks the 15 year anniversary of Scott / my tandem ride down the coast.)

I’ll put up some pics when the project is completed and everything’s cleaned up.