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Dear Homeless Cat Network / Pet adoption volunteers

I (am pleased to say) that over the past few days I’ve received a couple of emails from two HCN volunteers we’ve worked with in bringing Cherry and Calvin into our home.  Both emails were bright’n’shiny and (in part) thanked me for posting pics of Calvin and Cherry since they’ve been with us.

The pleasure is all ours, truly.  Thanks for being there to help creatures in situations like Cal and Cherry to have a humane, safe and **nourishing** place to be if they can’t be in a loving, private home.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

While being an “animal volunteer” must have its rewards, I’m sure it has its very difficult times, too… money / time are always @ a premium, you – no doubt – have to interact with creatures / owners who are in difficult situations… sometimes non-recoverable… and when creatures are adopted out, then what(?) – how are the animals doing, how are the new caretakers doing with “your” creatures, the ones you nursed back to health and gave comfort to… only to see them leave.

So (in part) our posting pictures and tidbits about Calvin and Cherry and about our TBC activities / perspective is to continue offering evidence that your work and efforts matter:

Clearly, they do.

So, to HCN / pet adoption volunteers (are you listening, Janice, Jeanee and all others? :), thanks for caring for the creatures who are in need of (what I’ve learned volunteers often call) their Forever Homes.

(Aside:  As I completed the 2nd par, Calvin began calling to me from the sunroom that he had a mouse – one of Pan’s that he’s fond of – and wouldn’t I come play for a minute?  Sure thing, the writing will wait – playing with “Mouse” is important work.  When I went out to the sunroom, he actually had all 9 of Pan’s mice scattered around, as if to say, “What’s it gonna be, food-guy, gray, gray with white tail; white w/no tail, white w/tail; brown with big fuzzy, long tail; green w/white tail; pink w/white tail; blue or maroon w/tails – we’ve got ’em all… take your pick.

How could I refuse? I rolled them all in the now-shrinking bag of  “kitty stash” Sis gave Pan and Dee years ago, then threw them out for him to chase.

When it was clear he wanted more action, I picked up the stick with “bird” on it and in <30 seconds, he was doing backflips 2′ in the air in his efforts to catch “bird”.  (I’ll video and post this next weekish.)

So, pet volunteers… thanks for your time and effort – we’re very appreciative.  I will (likely) continue to post Calvin and Cherry pics at least 2x weekly going forward… so please continue to stop by as you have time / interest.

So my wife went away with a bunch of men for the weekend…

I mean, what’s up with that?

Well, it turns out that she was attending a three day “green man” carving class over in Livermore. This class photo shows the “rough” final of their project and the following pics show the work in various stages / lighting, etc. These are really worth clicking on to see the full details….

Here’s a nice close-up of the facial details.

En route to becoming the man he was destined to be…

As they say in the U.K., “Early Days”.

Here’s the green-dude very early on in the process… some basic roughing out done and the chips were about to start flying.

Joanne’s Tiger carving is completed…

A few days ago I mentioned that, beginning last Friday, Joanne was taking a 3 day animal carving class. She showed up on our doorstep last night ~6pm, looking a little bedraggled and apparently running on adrenalin, then pulled her finished project out of her carry-bag.

There aren’t any words I can offer her that will make your viewing pleasure any better, so scroll down and enjoy her work. (Hint: Click the pic for the full size, fully detailed view)

If only my photography were as good as her carving….

Very cool, it looks beautiful, luv!

Joanne’s fresh carvings

Today is the final day of a 3-day animal bust carving class Joanne is participating in. The above pics show the work in progress… note how the forehead / muzzle are “burned”… very intricate and time-consuming to do. If I recall correctly, they are going to complete the burning this morning and then paint the bust. I’ll post final pics when the project is complete (should be today / this week, but sometimes things take longer.)

Hint: Click on the pic to see the up-close, great details of her work. (Sorry the middle one’s a bit out of focus on the close-up.)

Joanne’s latest carving – Big Horn Sheep

Joanne completed her Big Horn Sheep carving this past week, just in time to send up for dad’s 83rd birthday.

She began working on it in 2006 and several months ago decided to complete the carving, then burn the hair, then send to pop for his birthday. She estimates that she’s got at least 40+ hours of carving and at least 40+ hours of burning the hair / horn elements. If you’re the type that likes real details, then you may be interested in knowing there are ~300 burn strokes per sq in and there are ~20 sq in of burn area… that’salotta detail work, isn’t it?

Great job, luv, dad will love it!