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What makes Brian May of Queen such an Amazing RockStar?

Besides the fact that he’s an ab-solutely incredible, uh-mazing guitarist, lyricist and musician?

Besides the fact that he’s part of a group that’s sold >300 Million – yup, MuhIllion – albums / cds?

Besides the fact that he’s earned a Phd in Astrophysics while on tour with said band?

Besides the fact that when he was 15 he designed and built his own guitar – using pieces of the family mantle for the neck and his mom’s knitting needle for the tremolo / whammy bar? (Fan note: Brian still plays this same guitar in concert, the legendary, Red Special, so named because it’s red and obviously, very special.)

Just read the piece he’s written on his “soapbox” at entitled FRIENDS, FANS, AND COMMITMENTS and tell me with a straight face that he’s not an uh-mazing RockStar and heckuvaguy.

Please note: The photo above is copyright Alexander Ilhe taken in Munich with Queen+ Paul Rogers on tour and “adopted” from Brian’s soapbox page. GREAT PHOTO, ALEXANDER!