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About the local Canada Geese…

Just one month ago, we saw the little guys crossing the street @ Hacienda and the perc ponds. Then I put up with “their” crossing sign.

Well, since that time the ponds have been emptied and the geese have disappeared. All, except, for that one juvenile wobbling around Hacienda the other day, looking dazed and confused, on its way back to the now-dry ponds. (Actually, it reminded me of Hillary looking for donors to retire her campaign debt after the butt-kickin’ she took from Barack. Oh, sorry, that’s political and I digress.)

Today the ponds are empty and there’s not a Canada Goose to be found by the percolation ponds. Cruising by on my bicycle yesterday, I spotted what appeared to be a small announcement / poster tacked to the fence. And it had a picture and, like Pepper-Do-You-Want-Her with just about anything, I thought Hey, I LIKE PICTURES! so I stopped to check it out.

Turns out it was an update from Santa Clara Valley Water saying the geese were cute but they each ate ~1 lb of grass per day, then fouled the water, sidewalks, roads to the point of ruination. (hmmm, can I use << that word here?) So SCVW had hired geese-herding dogs to assist the geese in their migration efforts.

Apparently they’ve all moved on… and since this informational post is now complete, so should you 🙂

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