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Campbell Cats and a fresh flower for you

Cruising around Campbell over the past few months, I’ve noticed many family pets asleep in windows, under window sills, back behind fence boards, on porches, etc. As you’ve probably figured out by now, somehow – ok, through having Pandora and Delilah as part of our lives for the past 12 years – I’ve become something of a cat person and, I’ll admit, when I’m out and about on my rides, I seem to pay more attention to cats than dogs. (And while I look up for raptors and other types of birds in our neighborhoods and trails, there aren’t nearly as many raptors as there are neighborhood cats to watch.)

The other day I decided it was as good time as any to take a few pics of Campbell Cats, so here’s the first in whatever “series” I put together over time. (remember to CLICK THE PIC to see the close-up of this cat sleeping.)

A couple of weeks ago this was our first bulb flower of the year and the brightness of it against the green stalks caught my eye, so here you go.

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