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COMPLETED: Waiter, there’s a zoo in my dining room!

As some of you know, Joanne is the head judge for the California Carvers Guild (CCG). A few weeks ago she received a phone call from a gentleman whose wood-carving father-in-law had passed away some time ago. His family had just located his will and discovered that it included instructions to donate his carvings to the CCG for display in their museums or local clubs or to sell as they saw fit and donate the proceeds to CCG.

Joanne and the son-in-law arranged a drop-off time at our house and as of today they’re bunched up in our dining room 🙂 (As usual, mine are record-keeping pics rather than art, so… sorry for the “drive-by shooting” of such fine work. I’ll upload all over the next few days and mark the subject line “Complete” so you’ll know when they’re ready.)

Enjoy! (Remember to click the pic to see the BIG PICTURE!)

The complete menagerie.

Nice horse carving.

I believe this is an Ibis.

The entire flock is here.

Very nice rams head bookends.

Back side of the bookends.

A few more rams heads…

Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon II

(I suggest you click on the Komodo pics to see and appreciate the great detail the artist used in this piece – very, very cool!)

Pandora and Alf helping me work 🙂

Apparently Pan didn’t like the italics typestyle I was using and was trying to straighten out my typing 😉

Seriously – who knew cats could be such Luvs? What a character and Luv Queen Pandora is.

Joanne’s Tiger carving is completed…

A few days ago I mentioned that, beginning last Friday, Joanne was taking a 3 day animal carving class. She showed up on our doorstep last night ~6pm, looking a little bedraggled and apparently running on adrenalin, then pulled her finished project out of her carry-bag.

There aren’t any words I can offer her that will make your viewing pleasure any better, so scroll down and enjoy her work. (Hint: Click the pic for the full size, fully detailed view)

If only my photography were as good as her carving….

Very cool, it looks beautiful, luv!

Joanne’s fresh carvings

Today is the final day of a 3-day animal bust carving class Joanne is participating in. The above pics show the work in progress… note how the forehead / muzzle are “burned”… very intricate and time-consuming to do. If I recall correctly, they are going to complete the burning this morning and then paint the bust. I’ll post final pics when the project is complete (should be today / this week, but sometimes things take longer.)

Hint: Click on the pic to see the up-close, great details of her work. (Sorry the middle one’s a bit out of focus on the close-up.)

Joanne’s latest carving – Big Horn Sheep

Joanne completed her Big Horn Sheep carving this past week, just in time to send up for dad’s 83rd birthday.

She began working on it in 2006 and several months ago decided to complete the carving, then burn the hair, then send to pop for his birthday. She estimates that she’s got at least 40+ hours of carving and at least 40+ hours of burning the hair / horn elements. If you’re the type that likes real details, then you may be interested in knowing there are ~300 burn strokes per sq in and there are ~20 sq in of burn area… that’salotta detail work, isn’t it?

Great job, luv, dad will love it!