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We Adora Pandora!

With the swarm activity the other day, I inspected the hives and took the opportunity to harvest what I felt should be removed from the upper broods and the honey supers.  I can’t say how much in terms of gallons – I don’t know – but these are (not including the jar Ellen got and the nice jar Owen and Olivia got) the jars of honey I harvested and processed over the past few days.

And in keeping with what has become a very loving tradition, this harvest of honey is named after Pandora… I missed her climbing up and perching next to / on top of the cases of goodies.  sigh. I will always miss her participation in our yard / harvest / preparation / canning activities.

So here you go, don’t forget to click the pick for the close up:

Hope you enjoy the pic and – when the time comes – her honey… ’cause she was a sweetie 🙂  (Who also liked honey!)