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Billy Jones / Vasona Railroad

Cruising in to Los Gatos this morning I found the train out of its garage and workers adding a new base of rock bed under the track… apparently getting ready for the Halloween Haunted House that’s now set up behind the ticket window. (And don’t forget they give rides through the holiday season / exhibitions)

I like the how the guy on the right is holding the track in place by sitting on it – that’s *my* dream job 🙂

Dam Hot!

Yesterday the temperature in Los Gatos was recorded @ 104. (The car’s outside thermometer registered 104 @ home, too.) Today it’s supposed to be 106. (It’s pretty much a given that our temps will be the same.) Gonna be hot again tomorrow, too.

The good news? My new tomatoes are ripening nicely 🙂

Enjoy the cool picture of Vasona Lake (taken from Wikipedia, btw) and chill a bit.

btw, In case you’re wondering, I do have a couple of bright’n’shiny / fun posts I’m working on, but wordsmithing takes some time.