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Garden update

Seems we’re moving in the right direction in the garden…

We’ve put in 10 heads of lettuce – the shot above I call, Lettuce Alone 🙂

Quince blossoms are coming in nicely this year -we’ll see if any survive to mature fruit.

The potato patch: I half expect to have a zombie hand come reaching up through the soil as I pass by.

Apple blossoms on our Gala apple tree. They smell absolutely wonderful and appear to be the pollen harvesting grounds for many of our bees – the tree is fairly buzzing with activity during the hours of light each day. Speaking of blossoms and buzzing – you should see / smell / hear the citrus grove out front / side of the house: UH-mazing.

UH-mazing smells… the grapefruit, oranges, lemons and tangerines are all in heavy blossom and, combined with the lilac, jasmine and wisteria out there… it smells absolutely incredible.

And the bees that are working the blossoms… at times it sounds like an actual swarm out there… very, very loud buzzing as they work through the blossoms.

We’ve also installed 4 tomato plants in Earthboxes – they all seem to be doing well, too. The new peach tree is ready for installation – we’re waiting for the 90+ hot weather to pass before planting it.

And, finally, we just picked up a couple of squash, cucumber and bean plants that will go in the ground soon.

Yee Haw.

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