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Five – or is it Six – cases of pomegranate jelly made today

I pressed the last of Ellen’s pomegranates this morning (post-ride) and Joanne’s been making pomegranate jelly since about noon. So far she’s got five or six cases made, looks like another one or two before she’s out of pectin.

We’ve still got two gallons of juice left, so there’s at least another two – three cases to go before we’re done… then there’s fig and plum to make… and then it’ll be marmalade season again.

Gentleman Farmer, my backside.

(btw, it’s supposed to get frosty tonight so just before dark I headed out and reduced the entrance to each hive and covered each hive w/a heavy duty blankie for insulation. Although technically we’re a “cat house”, we take care of our bees, too 🙂