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Trinity’s 3 Amigo’s

I returned mom-cat (code name: Trinity 🙂 to our property today. At Jeanee’s home, she was alive and eating / drinking a bit, but between being caged and losing her kittens, she was pretty clearly depressed. Time to bring her home and let her return to the life she knows.

I visited Jeanee and the kittens – they’re looking great and were out and scampering about in no time! – then we nudged mom-cat in to the large carrier. She went in fairly easily and by the time we had arrived home, she was snuggled nicely in to the towel in the carrier; a few minutes later and I placed the carrier up to the boat / gate edge (where, it seems, she resides) and opened the door. Out like a shot, right past the bowl of tuna I had laid out for her. (I’ll leave it there until 7 or so, then bring it inside so as not to attract other hungry creatures.)

Last Sunday, Al and Ellen came over and we harvested 2 deep frames of honey from the broods of Fuzzy and Freddie-Ray. I processed and jarred that gallon of gooey stuff and today Joanne put our tribute to Trinity and her kittens, Smokey, Butterscotch and Patches (Suggest you click on the pic to enlarge it and read the label 🙂

Hopefully, we’ll have only good things to report about the family in the future.

C & C honey pic

Here they are last Saturday morning, checking out the newly-labeled jars of honey. In this shot, they were actually focused on Pepper, who had come to the kitchen door in hopes of meeting “her new cats”.

Fat chance, Pep.


All of our friends know what a HamCat Pandora was – she LOVED honey ham and she never objected to having pictures or video taken of her. Here’s a bit of video I took of her in, I believe, November of ’08… not long after we lost Dee.

In this video, we’re outside on the deck and she had begun moving around me as if it was time to eat – didn’t I know that (?!) and if so, what was taking so long? Apparently I got the message and… here we are, off to Pan’s Island:

We Adora Pandora!

With the swarm activity the other day, I inspected the hives and took the opportunity to harvest what I felt should be removed from the upper broods and the honey supers.  I can’t say how much in terms of gallons – I don’t know – but these are (not including the jar Ellen got and the nice jar Owen and Olivia got) the jars of honey I harvested and processed over the past few days.

And in keeping with what has become a very loving tradition, this harvest of honey is named after Pandora… I missed her climbing up and perching next to / on top of the cases of goodies.  sigh. I will always miss her participation in our yard / harvest / preparation / canning activities.

So here you go, don’t forget to click the pick for the close up:

Hope you enjoy the pic and – when the time comes – her honey… ’cause she was a sweetie 🙂  (Who also liked honey!)

Follow on to swarm post…

After going through the swarm-dance, I decided to check the hives to see if they were over-crowded – especially with honey… it’d be a shame to put the full burden of honey-watching on them.

Anyway, it turns out that between them, Fuzzy and FreddieRay had ~9 medium frames of honey that could be removed while leaving them both with a single medium super of partial capped brood / honey. (though, come to think of it, NONE of the honey supers w/brood in them had any pollen stores… that’s odd. hmmmm)  So while I was feeling “in the mood”, I dug deeper in to FreddieRay quickly found the upper brood box had numerous solid honey frames that weren’t in the wall frames, so I removed those, then re-ordered the hive and closed it up.  Thinking more about it afterward, I believe I will go in to both hive’s brood boxes tomorrow to see if they’re getting honey-bound (that happened to me once, but I was young and drunk – hey, it was the ’70’s! 😉 and if they are, I’ll surgically remove those frames and replace with…


We’ve got an ice-chest full of honey frames that we’ll harvest tomorrow with Owen and Olivia… stop by if / when you’re in the neighborhood.

Lots going on, but first…


Well, it’s been a very good week since Pan’s steroid shot but just today she’s really slowed down on her eating… not eating much at all and sleeping more than usual. The daily hydration / enzymes seem to be helping her (boomshakala 🙂 but if she’s not eating, well… how long can that be good for her. As fate would have it, I’m taking Pepper-do-you-want-her to Dr. Ueno’s tomorrow (who gets the tranquilizer to make the trip bearable – Pep or me?) to examine a couple of bumps / cysts that have grown on her chest, so while we’re there I’ll speak with Dr. Ueno about Pan and (if she’s not eating) how to proceed. Because I know folks have been checking in on Pan, I’ll keep you informed as best I can.

So, back to “other things”… lots going on. The past two weeks have been pretty good weather and with that, all but the apple tree have blossomed… and the apricot even has fruit on it. (Note to self: Future bee hives do not go directly next to human-picked fruit trees or ultra-fragrant jasmine that Hal likes to stand next to and smell. Bees like the same things 🙁 I’ve taken a bunch of pics of everything in blossom, but between book and Pan… and everything else, they’ll have to wait a few more days for posting.

Today the volunteers from Second Harvest came out and harvested our citrus grove. Took them ~ 3 hours to harvest 750+ pounds of oranges, lemons and grapefruit; they also did Brady’s, Ellen’s and the lady down the street whom I’ve met 2x and still can’t remember her name. (I bet Incline Mike knows her and I’m sure Ellen does.) Anyway, I got lots of pics of the volunteers and, as I have done every year, introduced them to Pandora… she and they (ok, me TOO) love it.

And finally, our dumber-than-a-hammer doves have shown us their baby doves – they look like they’re ready to fledge, so I hope to get some pics of them (truth be told, I could show you pics from last year and they’d look the same – seen one Bob, ya seen ’em all 🙂

That’s it for now. Thanks again, everyone, for checking in on Pan – email or in person, we appreciate it.

We now return you to your regular broadcast programming…

With Pan’s illness(es), these past couple of months have been somewhat trying around here. The past 3 weeks have been especially stressful.

But – like you’ve gotta do – we’re “adjusting” to the new reality and addressing things as best we can. Three days ago Pan had another steroid shot and hydration and has perked right up again… eating a goodly amount of pork chops, ham, steak, dry kibble and a lick of whipped cream (I bought the dessert for her, honest – she just didn’t like the raspberry creme filling so we ate it for her. No, seriously.)

Anyway, several days ago when I took her in for the steroid and hydration treatment, Stephanie (HUGE FAN OF PAN and “seasoned” vet tech)said, “you know, *you* can give her the hydration treatments at home – she’s very gentle and doesn’t squirm or try to run.” Me: Nope, that’d freak me out.

But when I got home I began thinking about all the stress it causes both Pan and me to have to get in the truck, head to the doc’s, sit in the room, have her take the treatment and then head back home again… the poor thing shakes from the minute I pick her up to head out the door until 20 minutes after she gets home again.

Surely I’m not such a wuss that I can’t give her the electrolytes… or am I?

The next morning I cruised by on my bike ride and picked up the stuff. Later that day I hooked her up but the needle popped out when she got squeamish and bolted – something I wasn’t expecting at all. (Doh!) So the next day I put her big basket on her island (thx for the suggestion, Ellen), placed her in the basket and hooked her up. We were both good for about 100ml of goodies, which seemed to help her a great deal through the day and night until I hooked her up again @ 11 this morning and gave her a full 200ml (the recommended dose). I headed out to lunch on the 750 to meet some nsx buddies and when I returned home (not long ago), she was resting comfortably in Joanne’s office on the blankie.

So that’s where we are… we’re all – including Pan – adjusting and doing better in our own ways. This will be the last of my “Special Bulletin” Pan broadcasts until something goes seriously wrong… it’ll be safe to assume she’s doing reasonably well but not going to ever fully recover… and we’re ultra vigilant to her comfort and well being.

I’ve got a ton of pics to post over the next few days, I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing them – lots of nature stuff going on – it’s spring.

In closing, let me again say thanks to each of you for your care for Pan and for us. We know how special a creature Pan is to everyone who knows her… she’s been a part of our lives for a very long time now – kitten to mature Queen of The House – but we’re nearing the end of our time with her… so let’s enjoy her while we can – visitors always welcome! 🙂

’til next time.

Feelin’ pretty good, thank you very much :)

This morning CatGirl was doing her morning stretches and opted to perform her KingKong imitation… I thought you might enjoy see her 🙂 (Sorry about the lighting… seems my fat thumb was obscuring the flash a bit 🙁

After her KingKong routine, she headed over to show Alf her best side… which, of course, being Alf, he did to her in return (those two! ;):

Pan continues to eat and drink pretty much as normal although her tastes have definitely changed from fish to red meat… maybe 13.5 years of fish is enough!

Thx very much to each of you for your concern for Pan and us – we’re very grateful.