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TwoBigCats Cannery update

During Liv’s recent visit, she and GrandmaCat harvested a couple of quarts of blackberries off the bush out front.  GrandmaCat prepped the goodies and today jarred ten 8oz jars of blackberry jam – I didn’t get to taste any since I was napping during prep.


Oh, and GrandmaCat labeled “Pan’s” honey, “Happy 14th, Pandora”.

Oh, how we miss CatGirl and Dee.

Here’s your Bright Orange Marmalade…

Made just this past weekend. 1/2 are cooked, then overnight steeped in the fridge, then cooked / canned the next day; the other 1/2 are cooked and canned the same day. The former are fairly soft / texture, the latter are al dente 😉

(Sorry about the lack of staging, composition or cropping… too many things need to get done today for me to be artsy-fartsy… deal with it 😉

Want on the jam and jelly list?

Returning home from work yesterday, Joanne mentioned to me that we may see a few additional hits on TwoBigCats from co-workers who may want to sign up for our jam and jelly (Goodies 🙂 list.

Let me say that, of course, if you’re a friend of TBC reading this and you’d like to receive some Goodies over the Holiday Season, please send an email and we’ll make sure you receive some, too… we make the Goodies for others and consume a remarkably small amount, ourselves.

If you’d like to be on the list, you can send us an email at twobigcats at gmail dot com, please include your name for verification purposes. Naturally, we do not charge for the goodies and ask only that you return the jars to us when you’ve emptied them – making 50+ cases of goodies each year the way we (that’d be the royal we, I guess, since I’m the go-fer these days), we buy an awful lot of jars that (we’re thinking) end up being thrown out instead of re-used again in our process.

More posts coming soon.