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Mom-cat / Trinity is doing well!

Last night as I was settling in to “the chair” in the front room (next to the window on the driveway), something in motion on the driveway caught my attention: it was Mom-Cat / Trinity heading down the driveway to “her” spot in the covered boat area.

Instinctively I yelled, “Outta here!” in a loud voice and then realized it was her… and told Joanne I’d just seen Mom-Cat.  She looked very healthy, if a little on the thin side (for my liking, anyway), so I got a can of wet food, placed it in a plastic dish and left it in “her dining spot” (protected) by the gate. When I came back in the house, Joanne reminded me that we’d have to pick it up before dark so no roaming skunks / opossums, etc, would be attracted.

Ten minutes later, I went out to pick up the bowl of food and put it in the fridge but… it had been licked clean.  Seems like she’s probably using the boat area and – we hope – mousing a bit around the property… everybody’s a winner.

I’m off to place another bowl of food out for her (mid-day, Tues) and I’ll post more as I see her.