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Multiple posts today…

I’ve been heading out each day for longer bike rides and while I’m out and about (often with Springfield Al – thanks, Al!), I’ve been taking and accumulating lots of pics that I need to review, file / delete and / or post. Sorry for the randomness of the pic posting but to tell you the truth, I don’t have the time or interest to categorize, then post so… enjoy – there’s more coming.

Over the past week I’ve been reviewing and selecting photo’s and video for Dee’s Celebration and hope to have that up on Friday. This weekend is our 23rd anniversary, so (naturally) I’ve been reviewing photos and video for that posting. I’m also working on the “Last 10 Years” posting that looks back over our 10 years in the Walnut neighborhood – lots of family, friends, bands and pet pics that I hope bring back memories.

And finally, I’m actually thinking of completing my book, “Primed For Success: Cashing In” one of these weeks 😉

Speaking of The Last 10 Years, you’re welcome to take a few minutes and enjoy Kenny Rogers in the video he made for his song of the same name.