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Swan Lake… In Campbell?

A couple of days ago, Springfield Al and I were out for a bike ride in to downtown Campbell (yes, there actually is a downtown Campbell, thank you very much.) and as we cruised past the Perc Pond, we spotted a swan.


We’ve lived in Campbell for 24 years and have been active users of the Los Gatos Creek Trail (Parcourse) and the Perc Pond for much of that time.

NEVER, EVER have we seen a swan in the pond. Kingfishers. Yup. Canada Geese. Check. Osprey, Cormorants, Mallard and Domestic Ducks. 10-4, Roger that.

But never a swan. Until this week.

So I headed back out yesterday afternoon and took this brief clip of the swan cruising the shoreline. You’ll note that I’m trying to talk the swan in to coming closer to me. A number of years ago, Joanne and I discovered that (some) birds respond well to the sound of my voice and at times, even wild birds will come right up to me when I speak to them in an even-toned voice.

Not this one, though… I suppose that’s one of the reasons it’s survived to be this big, eh? 😉