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Corbin motorcycle saddles are legendary

In the world of motorcycles – regardless of the type… crotch rocket, cruiser or tourer – Mike Corbin Saddles are known as the best there is. Period, over and out.

When Owen was visiting us last week, he mentioned that he loved the bike but the stock saddle wasn’t unlike riding a skateboard on your backside… one tank of gas and his a** was hurting. He said he’d been in contact with Corbin (Had I ever heard of them? Yup. And I know the Easter Bunny and Santa, too 😉 but had yet to receive the samples they swore they would send to him time and again.So I said, “You know they’re ~1 hour from here, why not drive in like I did with my ST100 (sport tourer / slight crotch rocket) and they’ll carve you a custom saddle while you wait.”

Owen called them to confirm they still did that and the next morning was off bright ‘n’ early to Corbin’s in Hollister… Woo Hoo, it’s gonna be great!

Turns out the Corbin folks are just as open and easy to deal with now as they were 15 years ago when they made my custom saddle… good for them! After riding back home on Sunday, Owen reports the Corbin saddle is great – nice to know some really good things don’t change, isn’t it?

Enjoy some of the pics Owen shot on his visit and factory tour.

Corbin Factory, Hollister, California.

A few saddle molds ready to be put in to action.

Owen’s materials are selected and basic design laid out for saddle craftspeople to begin creating his new saddle.

Starting to put things together…

Completed saddle materials – Note nice custom design / stitching work – done @ no extra charge.

Saddle materials laid out over saddle frame and ready for install…

Saddle craftsman fitting saddle to frame.

Finished and ready to ride off in to the sunset.

Nice ride, Owe!