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Fresh goodies and a BBQ in December…

A quick note to mention Joanne’s recent birthday / December BBQ (my usual ribs, mom’s potato salad and bbq / regular Bush’s beans). It was nice having our closest friends join in for a get together in Joanne’s honor… lots of yakking and catching up going on.

Also wanted to mention that Joanne made 3 1/2 cases of pomegranate jelly (last of the pom juice) yesterday and as I write she’s making a case of spiced peach jam / preserves / um, fruitney? These are the last of Mr. Carrier’s peaches, “doctored up” with cranberries, raisins, walnuts and cinnamon… it’s pretty impressive stuff (guess who gets to lick the spoon? yup – the house-dude 🙂

I should have a set of pics to post tomorrow of my “old guy ride” – I’ve completed the restoration / refurbishment, tuned the fenders and now am just waiting for the right light to take a few photos.

Film at 11… or so.