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Carver Carousel

Here are the finished pieces that we have in our house as of today – the rest you can see at the SVCG show this weekend. (Click the pic if you dare, but to tell you the truth, there seems to be an issue with focus on these photos… don’t know why and need to figure it out. Bummer, because they’re really good looking pieces up-close.)

Joanne started remodeling and here are the latest pics…

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but Joanne’s been working away pretty hard on a few carvings for the upcoming Santa Clara Valley Carver’s Guild show. Over the past few months she’s gotten particularly interested in carving bark and this is her first bark project for this year’s show. (She’s about half way through the 2nd bark house and is about to begin painting the miniature carousel animal she’s been spending so much time / effort on.)

(And don’t forget to click the pic to see the larger image / more detail)