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Owen and Chrissy go motorcycle camping…

Owen’s been having lots of fun with his big-boy bike – Honda 919 (It’s tres cool!) and not long ago he installed Givi removable hard cases to give him some sport-touring storage.

Soon thereafter, he and Chrissy headed out for a multi-day camping trip in the Santa Barbara area… Lake Margarita, iirc. (Turns out the lake doesn’t allow humans to swim in it. I’m sure that makes sense to someone on some level… I’m just not sure who or what level, exactly.)

Here are just a few of the pics Owe and Chrissy shot while they were away:

Local tide pool scene with Anemones and mussels (looks like dinner to me 😉

Hey, the scenery’s getting better!

Get a room, you two!

Oh, they got a room.

Their home away from home for a few days. Interesting note – to me, anyway – This tent is a ringer for the tent Owen and I used during our motorcycle camping trip back in ’86. Two-person, light blue, set-up in ~2 minutes.

Two-person tent that has room for local critters, that is…

I dunno… he looks a little freaky to me – perhaps just a sugar-high since he isn’t much of a sugar guy these days.

Good thing she’s an actress, cause otherwise I’m thinkin’, “Looks a little scary to me.” Just acting, right, Chrissy? 😉

Head ’em up, move ’em out! (Where’s the hot tub he surely must have in there somewhere?)

Shamu rides again!

Nice sunset to ride off in to….