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Ok, Rupert – You’re back on the team :)

As some of you may remember, at the end of January, I fired Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal by canceling my decades-old subscription. Dear Rupert: You’re Fired

At the time I felt the content wasn’t unique enough (to the Journal) and the rates were too high for the content being delivered. But late last week when I realized the NY Times was charging me much more than I thought it had been, I called the Times to cancel and they ended up giving me a pretty significant discount to keep me as a subscriber. Huh. Since I’d already come to the conclusion that as much as I enjoy reading the NY Times, I was really missing the Journal’s perspective on global / business issues, I checked out the Journal’s web pages and found they were offering a significant discount, too… so I called them and am now receiving the Journal every morning, as nature intended.

What really causes me to write this post, though, is the customer service I received from a Dow Jones employee in making sure my paper delivery was re-started.

I placed my order online last Friday. No Saturday paper was delivered. Then no Monday paper was delivered. On Tuesday I called and said (basically), wtf – don’t you people want my money? They assured me that wasn’t the case and would have a paper delivered and adjust my account for the missed days.


While the re-start didn’t happen exactly as Jason (the DJ employee) and I were hoping, it eventually got back on track – after a number of proactive emails from Jason to me making sure I was taken care of and satisfied.

I am, Jason – thanks very much for looking after me.

Rupert – you should keep Jason on the team, he’s one of the good guys 🙂

Dear Rupert: You’re Fired


Last week I put a bullet through my lifelong relationship with Denny’s and this morning when I fetched my wafer-thin copy of today’s Wall Street Journal, I figured it was time to put an end to my 23 year relationship with the Journal, too.

Being a professional sales-type, I must say I was impressed with your staff’s effort to “keep me on board”, asking why I wanted to cancel, asking me what – specifically – I was unhappy with to the point that I’d ask to have the balance of my subscription fee returned to me.


There’s not enough of it and of what there is, the information / viewpoint is not unique enough from the other sources of news that I consume (say, NY Times, MSNBC, The Economist, etc).And, oh btw, I hate seeing the left half of the front page content replaced by bullet-summaries of the content of that issue – I read the complete issue without reading the bullets, that’s why I subscribe. Also, I don’t care much for how the Journal is being loaded up with USA Today-style color graphics, pics and art work – I really DO want thoughtful business / financial analysis / content.

Seriously, if I wanted the fluff you’re putting up these days, AOL or Yahoo would be my home page.“

As much as I enjoy the physical relationship I have with my early morning coffee and newspapers, after all these years of reading and subscribing to the Journal, I say good luck to you and the WSJ in figuring out your new business model / paradigm, Rupert… I’m outta here and will be watching your progress via