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The circus is in town!

About this time last week the Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus rolled in to Campbell via the train above. Curiosity got the better of some of us in the neighborhood and collectively we’ve determined the train has:

  • 46 passenger cars (Thanks to Neighbor George for counting!)
  • 21 flat bed cars (Thanks to Neighbor George for counting!)
  • 3 locomotives
  • a total length of .9 miles
  • a fair number of hungry occupants who appear to like pizza – Jacky Boyz Pizza seems to be doing a fair amount of business with the (human) residents of the train.
  • a number of bicycle riders who tether their bicycles to the exterior of the train when not in use.
  • satellite tv. We counted several small satellite tv dishes clamped to various stationary devices: street curbs, telephone poles, fence posts… interesting to see.

I understand the Campbell Express (local newspaper) has a story about the RBB Train, but their online edition still shows an older edition of their work. (Bummer)

Ringling Brothers has a pretty neat / modern website you may want to visit here.