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A cat in human years…

I was waltzing around the internet a few minutes ago, doing a bit of random googling, when it occurred to me I hadn’t visited yet – remember, that’s the site that provides free kibble to dogs’n’cats in shelters / in need every time you visit their site and click an answer to their daily quiz / questions. (There’s always one for cats and one for dogs.)

According to their web site, they’ve served 1,939,644 meals to cats’n’dogs!

Anyway, today’s question had to do with the age ratio between humans and cats. I guessed wrong (and the food was donated, anyway!) so that got me to thinking… Pan is 12.5 years old now, so I wonder how old she is in human years.

I googled “a 12 year old cat is roughly equal to a person” and Purina’s Cat Care Center site came up with this link and info – check it out if you’re interested:

Speaking of Pan, Joanne trimmed her nails and shaved her fur down while I was on my morning bike ride… I hate being around knowing she’s in there whining (Joanne, I mean… 😉

When I returned, Joanne had already left for a neighborhood event so I cruised the house looking for CatGirl. Not on her couch blankie. Not in her front-door basket. Not in my office. Not in the front room basket next to the fireplace. Not in the den on her couch… and she wasn’t where she sleeps when she’s pushed Pep off her couch.

Dang, no CatGirl. Hmmm, I wonder if someone was injured in the trimming / shaving program? No… no blood in the bathroom, but there was a bunch of shaved fur on the counter. Hmmm… where could she be.

I retraced my steps throughout the entire house, this time with my glasses on. As I passed by the fireplace basket, I noticed that it had a blankie over it… Ah, I get it: she was in the basket and covered by the basket to keep warm / ward off offensive GrandmaCat’s.

In reality, what it seemed like to me was a Kitty-Pot Pie… all toasty inside.

Let sleeping cats lie.