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Back home, doing fine and resting.

Thanks to everyone for your visits, phone calls and emails while I was in the hospital… each was very much appreciated.

And to Joanne, thank you, luv, for your constant attention and care. I can only begin to imagine how challenging it’s been to manage everything you’ve been taking care of while I was away… probably not unlike the album cover from Innuendo (working in a bit of Queen whenever I can 😉

Thanks again to each of you for your care and support.

Delilah update…

Dee’s fairly ambulatory these days, though still adjusting to weight / balance issues. Generally speaking, she’s beginning to return to some of her normal behaviors – coming out to the kitchen when she hears the can opener picked up to open a can of tuna, kicking Pepper-do-you-want-her? off the couch at night, visiting with us to have her back / shoulders / neck / chin rubbed and scritched (thx, Ellen!), jumping in / sleeping in the baskets scattered around the house.

Thx to everyone for your concern for her, very much appreciated.