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Easy-Peasy Thursday…

Yep, here’s Mr. Hard At Work, himself… tucked in to Joanne’s closet.

And since I wasn’t using my side of the bed…

Little game of tag going on here…

This is the last nest of baby finches tucked in to the eaves around our back porch.  If you look closely, you’ll see one of the babies with its mother.  This was taken ~10 days ago and they’ve now all fledged and all of the nests (except the dove, outside our bedroom) are empty.  This may be the post-season we clean our the nests / wood area, perhaps re-paint and see what happens next year.

The latest Lil’ Bob

So far we’ve hatched 3 groups of doves from under the eave outside our bedroom window.  (Mom-dove is sitting on a new batch of eggs as we speak.)

This little one had fledged one day before this pic and, like all previous generations from that nest, it chose to hang out / hide in the plants near our bedroom / deck.  Since I took this picture (~1 week ago), I’ve come across this young Bob 4 or 5 times in the backyard… often back in the roses, by the plum trees or drinking from the pond.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know so many birds and creatures are thriving on the property.

Here’ssssss BOB!