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Pomegranates all squeezed and put to bed now…

Sounds a bit like a bodice-ripper, doesn’t it? 😉

Incline Mike was down for a few days, so he stopped by this morning and pressed the remaining pomegranates for us, as Springfield Al and I did last week with the first batches.

Today’s press yielded 2 gallons of juice, so I’m thinkin’ there’s another 5 cases of Pomegranate Jelly that needs to be made before holidays.

As you might imagine, while we were working, Mike and I got to yakkin’ and it occurred to me he hadn’t taken any of TwoBigCats Fruit Liqueurs home with him in an awful long time, so I tightened him up with Pomegranate, Cherry, Limoncello, Tangerine-cello (don’t know if there’s actually such a liqueur outside of our house) and, dare I say it? (Dare, dare…) The holy grail of our private works – Pear Liqueur. (I was unsure of the Coconut / Vanilla bean and the Vanilla / Blackberry, so I’ll test those before releasing… yeah, that’s the ticket, I’ll test them for everyone’s safety before releasing them. Unlike a few of the previous releases, these are all made from 80 – versus 100 – proof I’ve used in the past… better sipping and not so much like rocketfuel.

Party on, Wayne.