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Auntie Granny Joannie cans again!!

As I prepared to write this post, I heard Sis’ voice (as she did every week when we spoke on the phone) say, “How’s Auntie Granny Joannie doing?”

Last night I would have answered her, “It’s Fall, so she’s been making jams / jellies / goodies for the holidays. Doing too much, but I can’t stop her so I help when I can and let her do what she will.” (Although jam / jelly making was a Joanne and Hal production in the early years, these days I’m simply the gofer: I go fer the fruit, clean and prep the fruit, buy the supplies and make sure they’re within her reach, then I get the heck out of the way and let her do her thing.)

Yesterday, Joanne made 73 jars of Pomegranate Jelly for holiday packages. Then she created and printed the labels. She’ll affix the labels over the next few days, I’m sure. Last week it was about the same amount of Pear / Apple Fruitney.

And when she was finished making Pomegranate Jelly, she sat down and carved on her latest wood carving project for a few hours.

Holiday goodie packs are shaping up pretty nice this year, thanks to Auntie Granny Joannie!