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Plum harvest

The Santa Rosa plum tree is ripening fast so today we harvested about 20 pounds of fruit. Joanne took them to a charitable organization that feeds needy elderly people.



Calling all jars, calling all jars!

While out watering the garden and back lawn today, I saw that the Right Plum (there’s a Left Plum, too – we can’t remember which is Santa Rosa and which is Satsuma, so we just call them Right Plum and Left Plum – easy peasy, huh? 🙂 is dropping ripe fruit so that means our plans for hours of lazing around the house this weekend have evaporated since the plums must be harvested, processed and jammed.)

And that, dear reader, means if you have any of our jars in your hot little hands / house / wherever, we’d love to have them back asap so we can put them to use.  Oh, we’ve got 8+ cases of jars on hand, but those will be gone in one good jamming session (and we’ve got blackberries to jam, too.).

So if you expect to get future goodies from us… Calling all jars, calling all jarsplease return them asap.

We now return you to your regular programming 🙂

(btw, I ate this season’s first ripe tomato from our garden this morning… it could have used a day or two off-vine to soften just a bit, but the flavor was wonderful. So was the sugar pea pod I took off that plant. Woo hoo – the garden’s cookin’ again 🙂